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Bring Clarity

to Your Brand Vision Values Mission

The more your customers are clear about what makes your brand relevant, the more likely they'll remain your customers.

Brand Acuity is a philosophy for building, promoting and managing the experience around that which makes brands great.

We believe:


of the foundational principles of branding will yield a clear brand advantage.




gained through a comprehensive investigation of challenges will reveal clear brand potential.


across industries will provide the perspective to solve any brand challenge.




in how to apply the knowledge, insight, and experience will lead to a sustainable competitive advantage.


& Insights

Understanding what resonates with all of your audience segments is crucial to keeping your brand relevant.

& Expression

What your brand looks like has to be a meaningful expression of what your brand stands for.



Protecting your brand’s integrity requires the will and discipline to manage it as your most valuable asset.


& Training

For your employees to be your most avid brand advocate, they need to clearly know what they are advocating for.

The Corundum Group Testimonial
corundum group
quotation mark

I have worked with many agencies over the years, and Acuity Brandworks stands out with their unique blend of professionalism and creativity.

jill johnson

vp, The Corundum Group

Timberline Testimonial
timberline one
quotation mark

The team at [Acuity] are true experts in their field. The information and education they provide as they walk you through a brand strategy is invaluable.



Story Coffee Testimonial
story coffee
quotation mark

[Acuity Brandworks] helped us with re-imagining our entire brand and the results have been outstanding. The process has permeated every aspect of our business, from our website to our packaging to our merchandising.

Don Niemyer

Owner, Story Coffee Co.

Research & Insights - Market Research
Research & Insights
Market Research

Understanding what resonates with your audience through an objective lens is provided through qualitative and quantitative market research.

Research & Insights - Employee Surveys
Research & Insights
Employee Surveys

Understanding your employees' perspectives will provide insights about your brand and culture through in-person or online employee surveys.

Design & Expression - Naming
Design & Expression

Your brand's primary expression starts with your name, which has to be developed through a strategic and functional criteria-driven process.

Design & Expression - Identity
Design & Expression

Your brand's visual expression begins with your Logo, which is only one dimension of an expansive identity system that differentiates the brand experience.

Brand Management - Brand Strategy
Brand Management
Brand Strategy

The most influential brands are built on a multi-dimensional platform linking Vision, Mission, and values to value proposition, promise, and character.

Brand Management - Brand Governance
Brand Management
Brand Governance

Managing a brand requires a clear brand platform, Identity standards, a management structure of responsibility, protocol, will, and discipline.

Brand Management - Brand Standards
Brand Management
Brand Standards

Standards are more than graphic guidelines. They must encapsulate the strategic principles that inform and guide long-term on-brand application.

Brand Management - Brand Architecture
Brand Management
Brand Architecture

Creating a strategic framework around a family of brands has its unique challenges to ensure a rational system of relationships and endorsements.

Education & Training - Online Brand Course
Education & Training
Online Brand Course

Online courses designed to inform and motivate employees to be effective brand advocates are essential investments in advancing a brand.

Education & Training - Brand Workshops
Education & Training
Brand Workshops

In-person workshops personalize the brand training so that the principles become individually relevant and meaningful to employees responsible for bringing the brand to life.

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