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our story

While we may be a young company, we have been on a long journey and have a story to tell.

Why Acuity?

Acuity is defined as sharpness of vision, quickness of thought, keenness of perception and insight. In Physiology it is the capacity of the eye to see the finest detail that can be detected. It is considered to be quick and penetrating intelligence. Acuity reinforces these distinguishing characteristics of intelligence, vision, clarity, and sophistication. It also reinforces our emphasis on strategy and knowledge with foresight into how both contribute to long-term sustainable brand value and customer loyalty.

Because brands are a long-term multi-dimensional and complex challenge they require the kind of acute intelligence and perception that will ensure that they are built, maintained, and protected for sustainable value and equity. . . that’s brand acuity.

Why Brandworks?

We promise to provide guidance to our clients in making informed and intelligent decisions about how to build, promote, and manage their brand with purpose and intent. We seek to identify unrecognized brand opportunities through this guidance, facilitate brand knowledge, and help protect and build sustainable brand equity. In the categories in which we work, we seek to elevate the understanding and appreciation of how a brand works to achieve long-term visionary aspirations.

Why Now?

Although Acuity is a new brand it is not a new idea. We have always felt that there was a role for a consultancy that could serve small businesses and organizations with the same caliber of expertise that Fortune 500 companies have access to. The roots of this idea first came to life with the launch of The CSK Group in 2009 that resulted in a 10-year brand management partnership with one of the nations largest nonprofit organizations. But the core of the work was in helping and supporting small, medium and start-up businesses. CSK was eventually acquired by a national advertising agency and rebranded to Diverge Branding. In 2021 we felt the time was right to refocus and recommit to our initial focus on small business and organizations resulting in the formation of Acuity Brandworks.

Keith D. Brock


Keith is a 40-year veteran of design and Branding. He has worked as an architect, interior designer, graphic designer, and branding consultant in lead creative and management roles. He has worked with Fortune 500 multi-national companies and small local start-ups. His industry experience has encompassed retail, corporate, and product branding for: hotels, airlines, banks, restaurants, retail, automotive, oil companies, churches, and non-profit organizations. His most notable clients have included: The Nagano Olympics, Shell Oil, PetSmart, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, Cathay Pacific Airlines, Coca-Cola, Levi’s, and Nike.

  • Exxon Worldwide
  • Verizon Business
  • Nagano Olympics
  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • Holiday Inn
  • PetSmart
  • Taco Bell
  • Cathay Pacific Airlines
  • Daimler Benz
  • Worldwide
  • Kumho Group – Korea
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • National Jewish Hospital
  • Shell Oil Company
  • Bausch + Lomb

Jon Collins


Over the last 20 years, Jon has cultivated a deep-rooted love for design, art direction, photography and all forms of creative and experiential problem-solving. His real-world experience in the creative field began with eight years inside an in-house agency. During his time there, he worked on a wide range of projects including print, digital and tv campaigns, branding and identity, web projects, packaging and book publishing—including a variety of photography projects in their in-house photo studio.

  • Cornell University
  • Vectrus
  • March of Dimes
  • Answers in Genesis
  • Cheyenne Mountain Resort
  • Rapid Recovery Centers
  • Museum of the Bible
  • Central Bancorp
  • Data Systems International
  • Acton Institute
  • Ohio Christian University

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