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what is brand acuity?
Brand Insights

What is Brand Acuity?

The answer is pretty simple – it’s clarity. It is when all of the facets of the brand come into clear focus in what defines it, expresses it, and what constitutes the experience that is unique to it. It all

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know what your brand stands for
Brand Strategy

Do You Know What Your Brand Stands For?

Interestingly there is seldom consensus among leadership on what their brand stands for. One of the first questions that we ask clients is what they believe their brand stands for. Without exception, we get as many different responses as the

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vision versus mission
Brand Strategy

Vision Versus Mission

Understanding How Brand Works The cornerstones of most organizations are their Vision and Mission statements. Not everyone agrees, however, on what the difference is between them. Which is more foundational? Is it necessary to have both rather than just one?

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eight tips for core values
Brand Strategy

8 Tips for Core Values

Honesty is not a Core Value, but it could certainly be part of a larger set of Universal Values. Innovation is not a Core Value, although it might be part of an Industry set of values where innovative thinking is critical to

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