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What is Brand Acuity?

The answer is pretty simple – it’s clarity. It is when all of the facets of the brand come into clear focus in what defines it, expresses it, and what constitutes the experience that is unique to it. It all starts with a clear vision. A well-articulated vision provides the foundation for all aspects of the brand that drives sustainable market advantage.

Brand acuity is how brand works to fulfill the goals and aspirations of the organization through a clear definition of the key brand dimensions of:

  • Vision. The brand destination, reason for being, and the impact it seeks to make.

  • Mission. The brand path, the means by which the Vision will be fulfilled.

  • Core Values. The beliefs that are unique to the organization.

  • Culture. Behavior

  • Promise. Commitment to customers.

  • Value Proposition. That which is distinctive from competition.

  • Attributes. The personality characteristics that shape brand perceptions.

  • Expression. Brand reinforcing communication.

  • Experience. Brand engagement.

Clarity across all of these dimensions is that which ultimately will drive the brand acuity that will lead to long-term brand value and equity.

The goal of How Brand Works is to share our experience, perspectives and philosophy on the different facets of branding intended to enable an effective brand management strategy.

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