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Brand Management

Is Your Brand Due For a Health Check?

Keep Your Brand At Peak Performance Brands, like people, need a health check ever so often. Keeping them at peak performance requires constant attention and care. A good brand management practice is to conduct a health check one year after

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Brand Education

Are You Shocked by Poor Brand Recognition?

Good brand recognition translates right down to the bottom line. What Is Brand Recognition? Brand Recognition is a measure of how well customers can identify a particular brand against other brands in their category. Visual and verbal expression contribute to

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Brand Management

How to Kick Off Your Branding Project

10 topics your branding consultant should cover to get your project rolling You should expect that your brand consultant will kick off your branding project by asking some foundational questions about the past, present, and future of your brand. These

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five common brand management mistakes
Brand Management

5 Common Brand Management Mistakes

Understanding How Brand Works Managing a brand is as important as managing any other asset of an organization. However it is often overlooked under the assumption that as long as the logos are consistently used it’s being well attended to.

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