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Five Mistakes to Avoid in a Rebrand Launch

A rebrand launch is a great opportunity to re-energize a brand, build awareness, and extend customer reach. Rebrands come in all different shapes and sizes. Mergers and acquisitions generally dictate a rebrand to reflect the business change. Competitive threats and market dynamics may require repositioning. Or a rebrand can simply be a refresh or update. But what they all have in common is a change to their physical expression. A new look and feel can be in the form of a name change, logo, graphic system, or new messaging. That’s the kind of change that can attract attention. Launching the end result of the rebranding process is a “once-in-a-brand life” opportunity. But there are some common mistakes to be aware of and avoided.

Mistake #1

Failure to Plan Ahead

The time to think about what the rebrand launch will look like is when the rebranding process starts. Beginning to think about the rebrand launch when the rebranding process is complete would be a mistake. There are many issues and challenges to consider.

  • When and how do I communicate to clients and customers?
  • What do I do with corporate and marketing communication inventory?
  • How will this be introduced to the public?
  • What kind of budget will I need for implementation?
  • What is the implementation plan?
  • How and who will manage the brand post-launch?

There is probably more to think about than what you might first imagine. But the sooner that these and other questions can be considered, the greater the chances are that the rebrand launch will be a success.

Mistake # 2

Forgetting the Internal Launch

The success of a rebrand launch begins inside the organization. Employees need to understand what the rebrand is all about. They need to know what their role is in making the brand come to life. Employees are in the forefront of customer relations. Their interaction with customers is an opportunity to reinforce the rebrand value to them. Planning for an internal launch will serve to not only inform them on what the rebrand is all about but, inspire them to more actively advocate on its behalf.

Mistake # 3

Overlooking the Need to Communicate Early

Customers don’t necessarily like surprises. That’s particularly true with an unexpected change to a brand that they are familiar with and loyal to. It can be disconcerting if they log onto the website of a brand that they have a long-lasting relationship and it looks entirely different. They might even ask if it’s the same brand. The last thing you want with a rebrand is for customers to lose confidence in it. Avoiding this mistake is easy. The time to communicate the rebrand is before it’s made public. And communicate why the change was necessary and what benefit it has to them. Build an expectation that it should be something they look forward to.

Mistake # 4

Underestimating the Value of the Reveal

Introducing a new brand look can be a unique opportunity to reinvigorate a brand, build more interest, and create greater awareness. Reveals have great promotional value. The “big splash” reveals will make the most immediate impact. And they are not that complicated to pull off. Some pre-launch communication to customers, advance PR, orchestrating an event on launch day, and other related activities are all it takes. Failure to plan any kind of reveal is a lost opportunity and easy mistake to avoid.

Mistake # 5

Disregarding an Implementation Plan

Transitioning to a new rebrand look and feel doesn’t happen overnight. Implementation can be as simple as a web and print collateral update. Retailers, on the other hand, are faced with a more daunting implementation challenge. They are likely to have signage and facilities to contend with. Either way creating an implementation plan as early as possible will ensure that you have the right budget and resources ready to get the job done in a timely manner.

Seize the Moment

A rebrand is not a common occurrence. Getting it wrong can be costly and potentially erode the brand. Rebranding represents the evolutionary growth of the company. It’s something to be celebrated. Overlooking the opportunity would be the biggest mistake.

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